Cold War Bunker, James Herriot’s Holiday Home, Battle of the Crabs, The Train Tunnel to Nowhere.


Post 129: 11 March 2017 Cleveland Circles 20. 

The forecast was for rain arriving at 1pm and so with an hours drive to the start of our 9 mile walk we decided to leave at 7.ooam. Donning our boots at the car park can you guess which boots belong to Sid the Yorkshireman? Not only do his boots leak they are never cleaned properly, the treads wouldn’t pass an MOT and he insists they will not be replaced until walk 30 of this walk. To say he doesn’t like spending money is an understatement!


Little did we expect on arriving at Goldsborough at just after 8.00am we would see the remains of a Cold War underground bunker. The guard house was badly damaged by fire in 2007.

The mound behind the guard house holds a two storey ROTOR R2 bunker built in 1951, and destroyed by fire in 1958.


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