Are these TV’s best-ever putdowns? Not without Malcolm Tucker they’re not

A new list purports to rank the greatest ever insults on television. With no quotes from The Thick of It, it’s as useful as a marzipan dildo



The Amazon That You Don’t See (That Google And Facebook Are Watching)

British Man Invents Real-Life “Iron Man” Suit

(Credit: Youtube) Within the pantheon of classic superheroes, Tony Stark’s ability might seem obscure. You’re prone to assume it’s the suit that makes him a hero, but you would be mistaken. In reality, his “superpower” is his brain, which allows him to build technology like the suits and Jarvis and Stark Tower and all his…

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Welcome to Mars – It makes perfect sense that Abu Dhabi has a very aggressive space program

(Credit: Getty/Salon) In my oven I have celery roasting. Sliced thin, then made thinner yet through the food processor, tossed with olive oil and roasted until it’s dry, near crispy sticks. They never really gets totally crispy but close enough that I shower them over everything from pasta to toast. I have the timer on to make…

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Dismissal of legal challenge against Lancashire fracking site – more details and reaction


pnr 170410 Ros Wills 4 Preston New Road shale gas site on 10 April 2017. Photo: Ros Wills

Campaigners have described as a “terrible precedent” the dismissal of their High Court action against the ministerial approval of fracking at a site in Lancashire.

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